Introducing BoneyDry, the amazing new clothes drying solution which dry’s your laundry overnight and out of sight!

How? BoneyDry is designed to fit into the warmest room in your home – your airing cupboard or hot press.

Imagine, every time you turn on your home heating or just heat your water, BoneyDry gets to work drying your laundry amazingly quickly. At last you can finally be free of the clutter that goes with conventional clothes airer and speed up your laundry drying too.

So now you can discreetly dry your laundry overnight and out of sight.

And no more of the high energy costs that go with tumble dryers. Did you know BoneyDry can save you up to €/£ 150 each and every year by reducing your energy costs?

BoneyDry … put a skeleton in your closet and dry your laundry overnight and out of sight

Boneydry is designed to hold a full clothes wash and provides the equivalent of over 10 metres of hanging capacity.

Sometimes you have a wash load with larger and heavier garments. Other times there are a lot of smaller garments.

BoneyDry’s unique design allows you to quickly and easily configure the layout of the clothes rails to suit the garments contained in each wash load.

Unlike conventional clothes airer’s BoneyDry clothes rails are constructed from chromium plated mild steel. Robust and durable, BoneyDry is designed to last a lifetime. Better still, the mild steel clothes rails absorb heat to speed up drying process

BoneyDry is designed to fit into all floor to ceiling airing cupboard or hot presses. You need a depth of just 500mm (20”) and width of just 500mm (20”).

BoneyDry sits on the lower shelf of your airing cupboard or hot press and connects to the ceiling – the overall height of BoneyDry can be easily adjusted to fit between your airing cupboard or hot press shelf and ceiling.

BoneyDry is (almost) completely assembled when delivered to your home, so installation is both safe and easy. There’s no drilling or fixing, few, if any, tools are required – it takes just minutes to solve your laundry drying problems forever.