How do I know if BoneyDry will fit into my airing cupboard or hot press?

BoneyDry has been designed to fit all standard floor to ceiling height  airing cupboard or hot presses. The hot water cylinder in your  airing cupboard or hot press measures 400mm in diameter and with piping feeding into the water cylinder, the minimum space required to install a hot water cylinder is around 500 x 500mm (20”x20”).  BoneyDry occupies a space just 500mm wide and 500mm deep.

Please refer to diagram on ‘Our Product’ page of this web site. If you are still unsure BoneyDry will fit into your  airing cupboard or hot press, contact info@boneydry.com and we will help answer any questions you may have.

Do I need DIY skills or special tools to install BoneyDry?

No, BoneyDry is designed to be installed without using any tools. However, you may need some tools to remove upper  airing cupboard or hot press shelf, but in most instances a hammer or screwdriver is all you will require. You do not need to be a skilled tradesman or a DIY enthusiast to install BoneyDry, but you must carefully follow the installation instructions contained with your BoneyDry to ensure it is installed correctly.

How long does it take to install BoneyDry?

BoneyDry is delivered almost completely assembled and installation takes about five minutes once the upper  airing cupboard or hot press shelf is removed.

Do I need to empty my airing cupboard or hot press to install BoneyDry?

BoneyDry requires a space measuring just 500mm x 500mm (20”x20”) to operate in, it depends on the size of your  airing cupboard or hot press, but in many instances you will still have space either side of BoneyDry to stack towels and bed linen. When not using BoneyDry to dry your laundry, you can also use it to properly air bed linen and towels by stacking on BoneyDry’s clothes rails. See ‘Using BoneyDry’ page of this web site for details.

Is BoneyDry easy to use?

Yes. BoneyDry has been designed to make loading and unloading of laundry easy and straightforward. BoneyDry allows you to quickly and easily configure clothes hanging rails according to the size of type of garment in each wash load. Check out our Product Page for further info.

How long does it take BoneyDry to dry my laundry?

BoneyDry uses the ambient temperature within your  airing cupboard or hot press to greatly speed up the laundry drying process. Every time you turn on your home heating system, you heat your water and when you heat the water in your hot water cylinder, BoneyDry gets to work. Our extensive testing has shown a typical wash load will dry overnight – including heavier garments, such as denim jeans. On cold days when your home heating system is more frequently in use, drying times are significantly improved.

Tip – when heating the water in your cylinder, use your oil or gas central heating rather than your immersion switch – it costs less and the water temperature is generally higher!

What items of laundry can I load onto BoneyDry?

BoneyDry is designed to take a wide variety of clothing, hand towels and bed linen. However, you should never load BoneyDry with garments which are dripping wet – this could cause damage to your  airing cupboard or hot press. Please refer to photographs on ‘Using BoneyDry’ page of our web site to learn what BoneyDry will hold and how to load larger/heavier items of laundry.

How durable is BoneyDry?

BoneyDry is constructed from mild steel, unlike many conventional clothes airer’s, which are constructed from light-weight alloys, BoneyDry is robust and durable and designed to last!

Can I install BoneyDry somewhere other than an airing cupboard or hot press?

Yes you can! BoneyDry is extremely flexible and adaptable and has also been designed so it can be located in a kitchen or utility/laundry room. For convenience you can locate BoneyDry on a counter top directly above a washing machine. Locating BoneyDry on a counter top directly above a heat source, such as – an oil or gas boiler unit, delivers truly outstanding drying results. 

Do I have to pay for delivery and how soon will BoneyDry be delivered after I order?

The cost of delivering BoneyDry is included in the price quoted – there are no hidden charges! Subject to your availability, your BoneyDry will be delivered within 5 working days from receipt of order. In the event of unforeseen delays in delivering your BoneyDry, we will contact you to advise delivery date.

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