Imagine if you could dry your laundry in a matter of hours – without big energy bills? Well now you can! Introducing BoneyDry, the amazing new clothes drying solution designed to fit into the warmest room in your home – your airing cupboard or hot press!

6 reasons why BoneyDry will work for you:

    1. BoneyDry delivers vastly improved laundry drying times compared to conventional clothes airers.
    2. BoneyDry removes the unsightly clutter that goes with conventional clothes airers.
    3. BoneyDry consumes no electricity – every time you heat your home and/or your water, BoneyDry will dry your laundry amazingly quickly. Did you know, a standard tumble dryer consumes €/£0.70 worth of electricity during each drying cycle? You could save as much as €/£150 every year by using BoneyDry instead of a tumble dryer!
    4. BoneyDry is made from mild steel, unlike conventional clothes airers, it is designed to last!
    5. BoneyDry is designed to hold a full clothes wash, providing the equivalent of over 10 metres of hanging capacity.
    6. BoneyDry can be installed in minutes, you don’t need DIY skills and few, if any, tools are required.

For Republic of Ireland Customers

For UK Customers

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