About BoneyDry

A home should contain things that are beautiful or you know to be useful” (William Morris)

This insightful observation by the great ‘arts and crafts’ designer, William Morris, is as relevant today as it was when he made this statement all of 100 years ago! Wonder what would he have made of clothes airers? Beautiful – perhaps not? Useful maybe, but in a very limited way! And while tumble dryers may be effective, they are so costly to run and then there’s the risk of shrinkage to natural fabrics.

My eldest daughter has two young boys, and washing laundry for a family of four is an almost daily occurrence. More often than not, the clothes from the previous wash haven’t dried by the time next wash day comes around. The clothes airers is on permanent display in her kitchen – taking up valuable floor space – while not performing its intended function particularly well.

Seeing the daily challenge of drying laundry my daughter faced, prompted me to find a better solution to a challenge most household’s face. Putting your airing cupboard or hot press to good use to solve an everyday household chore made sense, after all, it is the warmest room in the home, so it was bound to be far more effective than the other solutions available. Better still, it frees up valuable floor space and removes clutter – we no longer need to ‘air our wet laundry in public’, to coin a phrase.

Extensive testing of early prototypes of BoneyDry confirmed expectations, in fact, they far exceeded expectations. Drying times were remarkably quick. Even those heavier garments, such as, denim jeans, dried overnight. On those cold days when the home heating system was on, for even a couple of hours, drying times were reduced to a matter of hours.

Innovation Awards

During 2013 BoneyDry was awarded an Innovation Voucher by Enterprise Ireland, which enabled me to begin work with Ulster University’s School of Engineering. In 2014 BoneyDry was awarded a second Innovation Voucher, and thanks to the continued support of Enterprise Ireland and the tremendous expertise, knowledge and ingenuity of Professor Robin Clarke of the School of Engineering, Ulster University we developed a product which:

            • Fits into all standard height airing cupboard or hot pressesBoneyDry is just 500mm (20inches) wide and 500mm (20inches) deep
            • Is Safe and Easy to Install – there’s no drilling of fixing, it can be installed in minutes
            • Easy to load and unloadBoneyDry’s unique design enables easy access for loading/unloading laundry
            • Holds a Full Wash LoadBoneyDry’s 20 clothes rails provide close to 10 metres of hanging space. But lightweight garments can be suspended from the hooks at the end of each clothes rail and drying time is in no way compromised – increasing hanging capacity far beyond 10 metres.
            • Robust and durable – BoneyDry is entirely made from mild steel and designed to last!
            • Easily Adaptablewhen designing BoneyDry we recognised a typical wash load can contain a wide variety of garments. Sometimes larger and heavier garments, other times, lighter smaller garments. Uniquely BoneyDry allows you to quickly and easily configure the layout of the clothes rails in line with the garments contained in each wash.

Having tested the concept extensively over the past few years, we know we’ve produced a product which is remarkably effective, flexible and durable. We believe you’ll discover this for yourself when you …“put a skeleton in your closet”!

Alan Bermingham

CEO – Love Out Loud Designs Ltd.